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About us

about us

The modern way to send files

Who doesn't know the problem? One or more large files such as videos, audios, pictures or documents need to be sent quickly to employees, business partners or friends.

By e-mail, this usually makes no sense for files larger than 10MB, since larger attachments are often not allowed or blocked. Also FTP servers are no real alternative for the normal user, because they are too complicated and time-consuming, so that often only the postal route via CD or DVD remains and the delivery can then take days.

If you want to upload free of charge up to 100 files with a total size of 10GB to make them available online for download to your friends, acquaintances, customers or suppliers for up to 5 days, DROPPY is the ideal free service for all occasions.
Free of charge does not mean you have to forego security. A 128Bit SSL encryption guarantees that your data cannot be viewed by unauthorized persons. We still keep our free offer. Perhaps you would like to give us a small voluntary contribution for this? Already now, thank you very much for that!



For all of you who like DROPPY.ch, but want even more advantages, we have developed our + Packages. For a fair price, you receive an access created for you for your business or private use.


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WORDLE Bridges the Gap

Occasionally, it may take a few minutes for files to upload or download, depending on the size and speed of your internet connection.

The fascinating WORDLE game challenges you to guess a word with exactly five letters. Every day brings a new challenge as the site updates with a fresh word.

Enjoy the exciting hunt for the right word and good luck cracking the WORDLE puzzle!

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Support us

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simple, practical and still free of charge?
In addition, short and easy to remember? - we think so too!

We are happy to provide you with droppy.ch free of charge.

With a voluntary support you enable us:
  • Continue to offer a free service
  • Maintaining the 100 files per transfer with a data volume of 10 GB
  • Security through SSL encryption (https)
  • ongoing optimizations and improvements of the script
  • Upgrading of server components such as hard disk/ram storage

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Advantages of the +packages

For all of you who like DROPPY.ch, but want even more advantages, we have our +packages on offer!

You will receive an access created for you at a fair price for your business or private use.

BUSINESS - The most used:
The business version now offers you even more and is also the most used package. For all those who like DROPPY but want even more benefits, this package is just right.
  • Higher transfer volume - 200 files, 20GB
  • More storage and retention time - 7 days
  • Password protection
  • SSL encryption
  • An own design
  • and much more...

EXPERT - For professionals who do not want to give up anything:
The Expert package with its administration area gives you full control over your files and users. Customization has never been so easy and secure. With the access created for you for your business or private use, no wish remains unfulfilled and this at a fair price.
  • Higher transfer volume - 400 files, 40GB
  • More storage and retention time - 14 days
  • Password protection
  • SSL Encryption & AES Encrypt
  • Administration area
  • and much more...

to the advantageous +packages...


Terms of Use

Terms of Use



The Terms of Use and the underlying guidelines and operational policies are an agreement between you, the user of our File Transfer services transmitted via the website or domain DROPPY.ch and cloud.DROPPY.ch or your + Package account xxxx.droppy.ch, which is the owner and rights holder of the website and service provider of the service.


By accessing or using any part of the website, creating an account, and/or the service, you fully agree to these terms. In the event that cloud.droppy.ch identifies or is notified of alleged illegal activity, DROPPY reserves the right to follow the procedure described in the usage policy. For more information on how DROPPY processes personal data and cookies, please see our Privacy Policy.




cloud.DROPPY provides you with the infrastructure and facilities to transmit digital files up to 30 gigabytes (GB) per transfer to others and/or yourself over the Internet through our website under the conditions set out in these usage guidelines. DROPPY transfers all types of files, subject to these conditions. Our free service is free of registration and fees thanks to GoogleAdsense ads and also thanks to your voluntary donations. Special features and functionalities are chargeable and require our + Packages.


Uploaded files are stored and can be downloaded from DROPPY's servers for a period of 14 days. After this period, files are permanently deleted to make space for new transfers. Each file can be sent to an unlimited number of email addresses per transfer, and each email is sent separately to each individual recipient. Once you have successfully uploaded your files, you and the recipient will each receive a personal email with download details, including a download link.


We strive to provide a disruption-free service with high availability. However, there is no claim to this.


File Ownership, Permissions, and Responsibility

DROPPY does not claim ownership rights to the content of the files you transmit through our service. You are solely responsible for the files you send through our service.


By using our service, you guarantee that you have all necessary permissions for each file, including copyright and other intellectual property rights, for distribution, transmission, storage, and/or provision online as part of our service.



Not Allowed

DROPPY respects your rights and requires you to respect those of DROPPY, its artists, advertisers, and third parties. This includes the right to privacy, business intelligence, and trade secrets, as well as intellectual property rights such as trademarks, service marks, trade names, and logos. You agree not to engage, permit, or facilitate unlawful or criminal acts or violations of these terms, or to facilitate or promote such acts by others.


As a condition of using the service, you agree not to transfer, distribute, or store any files that:


In addition, you agree not to:



Violation of Terms

DROPPY reserves the right, without prior notice, to block and/or remove third parties temporarily or permanently from its servers to prevent access to any part of the website or service if DROPPY, in its sole discretion or upon receipt of reasonable and valid complaints, determines that you have violated these terms or violated any applicable laws or regulations.


If a violation of these terms and/or applicable law or regulation is detected on the free version or a personal subdomain, DROPPY reserves the right to investigate and/or remove any files without prior notice.




Every file transfer between you and the recipients is treated as confidential. DROPPY does not provide a search function, catalog, or listing to find transfers unless you have a +Package to manage your own transfers. cloud.droppy does not inspect your transmission or files unless necessary and in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Statement, for example, to provide (technical) support upon your request. Please be cautious about sharing download links - anyone with these links will have access to these transfers (files).


Your emails will not be resold or used for any other purpose.




All elements (text, images, graphics, animations) of this website are protected by copyright and may not be reproduced, distributed, disseminated, or stored, in whole or in part, without our written permission, except for news, press photos, and any press information.




As far as links to other websites are placed on this website, it is noted that there is no influence on the design and content of the linked pages, and their content is not endorsed. This applies to all external links on this page and to all content of pages to which advertising material (e.g., banners, text ads, video ads) leads.


For linked pages, it should be noted that unlawful content was not recognizable at the time of linking. The links are regularly checked for unlawful content and are promptly removed in the event of infringements.

DROPPY cannot be held liable for any damage that may occur when using downloaded files such as videos, audios, images, or documents (avi, mp4, vob, mkv, doc, txt, ppt, pdf, mp3, vma, gif, jpg, png, bmp, tif, raw, bat, dwg, ttf, com, exe...).



Update Interval

Please regularly consult our Terms and Conditions page. Our terms of use and disclaimers should be updated no more than once a year, if at all.

These were last updated in January 2019.



Data Privacy

Thanks to the Swiss Location Advantage


When using the website, you will be asked to provide certain personal information and personally identifiable data. With this statement, we would like to inform you about how your personal data is collected, used, and protected, as well as under what circumstances personal data is disclosed to third parties.

DROPPY protects the rights of site visitors to their personal data and complies with Swiss data protection laws of September 01, 2023, and the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of May 25, 2018.


Type and Purpose of Collected Information

We collect your data to continuously improve our services for you. In doing so, we limit ourselves to collecting data necessary to provide and bill for the products and services you obtain from cloud.droppy.ch.

The data can also be used to offer you improved services and applications and to customize the website to your personal requirements.


This data includes the following information:


The information about you that we collect during your registration is used exclusively by DROPPY.


Disclosure of Collected Information

Information will not be disclosed to third parties, except in the following situations, unless we have informed you of this at the time of data collection or registration and you have consented to it.

Personal data of our customers or former customers will only be disclosed to third parties in the following cases:


Security, Query, and Modification of Collected Information

We protect your personal data through the necessary security measures. We continuously review these security measures and adjust them to mitigate possible risks and to meet the needs of preventing unauthorized use.


Information About the Use of Our Site

To continuously improve our site and tailor it to your needs, we need to collect data about site usage, the most frequently accessed areas of the site, duration of usage, average usage times, and other information.

For this purpose, we use the following technical means:


Online Advertising

When using advertising banners, buttons, pop-up windows, or similar advertisements on our site, no personal data such as name, address, telephone number, or email address is collected.


Links to Third-Party Sites

When visiting our site, you may be redirected to third-party internet pages over which we have no influence. These links are established to simplify your use of the internet. The use of third-party sites is at your own risk.



The security of personal data is of great importance to DROPPY. We strive to ensure the security of your personal data through the customary measures on the internet, but we cannot guarantee that data will not be lost, misused, or altered.

As our + Package customer, you have access to applications that you can only access using your username and password. Your password is always encrypted when transmitted over the network. We recommend keeping your username and password confidential.

If there are reasons to believe that data security is not guaranteed or misuse is occurring, we may change your username, password, or other codes and notify you accordingly.



When using our website DROPPY.ch, cloud.DROPPY.ch, and xxx.DROPPY.ch, we assume that you have carefully read this disclaimer, agree to it, and adhere to the netiquette rules.

When using our website DROPPY.ch or a personalized subdomain (+ Package customer sites xxx.droppy.ch), each user is informed about the applicable data protection regulations and terms and conditions. If they agree to these, usage within the terms and conditions is possible. In the event that a user cannot agree to these applicable regulations (or possibly individual sections), the use of droppy.ch or a personalized subdomain as a whole is not possible.

Please note that the content of the data protection regulations and terms and conditions can be changed by DROPPY at any time. In such a case, each user must reconfirm their agreement to the updated regulations on their next visit to DROPPY.ch or a personalized subdomain before using them.

If you cannot agree to the current content of this statement or future changes, we kindly ask you not to use the DROPPY.ch website anymore.



The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from legal relationships with DROPPY.ch is the company's registered office.

The preview function is only included in the +Packages

Unfortunately, we can no longer offer this feature in the free version for various reasons:

  • Enormous storage requirements - could only be achievable by reducing the 5-day storage time and/or the 10 GB transfer volume
  • Declining advertising revenue - due to active use of ad blockers, resulting in the next point
  • Not cost-effective - server storage is expensive compared to conventional storage, data is stored twice (as Zip & individual files)

Preview Example: Preview

✓ Testing this and many other features is possible at suedtirol.droppy.ch.
✓ You can find the administration area here suedtirol.droppy.ch/admin

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